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Chair and bed protection

Protectors for beds and chairs, including wheelchairs and car seats, have a waterproof backing to protect the bed or seat. They can be used alone or in addition to continence pads or pants.

These protectors:

  • can be either disposable or reusable
  • have a hydrophobic top layer that lets fluid  through while the lower layer soaks up the fluid. This means the top surface is dry against the skin.
  • can be waterproof so fluid doesn't soak into the material but just rolls off the surface.
  • can be used as a back-up to absorbent pads or pants, to reduce leaks onto beds or chairs
  • are often used at night to help the person get a good night's sleep even if the bed is wet
  • usually work best when the person's skin is in direct contact with the protector, rather than with clothing
  • are not designed for faecal incontinence so if this is a possiblity, a pad should be worn as well
  • if disposable, should be replaced and thrown out when soiled or wet
  • if reusable, should be washed regularly in the washing machine.

Non-slip floor mats

Continence bedside floor mats are mats that protect the carpet from urine or water. They absorb any spills and urine leakage. They can also be used to protect the floor during pad changes or while changing wet or soiled bedding.

These mats:

  • are highly absorbent and machine washable
  • reduce smells caused by urine soaked carpets
  • are anti-slip and suitable for any room or the bathroom.

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Take the Quiz

Question 1

Absorbent protectors for chairs or beds:

are designed to keep the chair or bed dry by soaking up urine

are only for when continence pads are not used

are only for night use

are useful for faecal incontinence.

Question 2

Absorbent covers for beds and chairs:

should always be used by people who are incontinent

can be used at the same time as continence pads

are only reusable

are designed for people who don't wet the bed.

Question 3

Which statement about protectors is true?

Disposable protectors can be reused until they fall apart.

Protectors have a waterproof backing to protect the bed.

Protectors are useful for faecal incontinence.

Washable protectors never need replacing.

Question 4

Non-slip floor mats:

are not recommended for people with incontinence

help reduce smells caused by urine soaked carpets

can't contain spilled water

can't be washed.

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