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Continence assessement

Why is a continence assessment important?

There are many different types of incontinence, so treatment and management plans can be very different. A continence assessment is done to find out the type of incontinence a person is experiencing. It helps the health care professional to write a personalised treatment and management plan for the person.

As part of a continence assessment, you may need to provide a record of the continence management issues experienced by the person you support. This can be done by completing a bladder diary or bowel diary as part of the person's assessment. The health care professional may also ask for a copy of the person's medicines.

It is important to fill out any documents and follow any instructions carefully. If you don't understand what you need to do to help collect information for a continence assessment, ask you supervisor or care coordinator.

Need more help? Call the National Continence Helpline on 18OO 33 OO 66 and talk to a continence nurse advisor.

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